Ayreth is the Setting for the Full-Contact, Combat Sport League, BATTLE. These Lands are also referred to as the Enchanted Lands.

We are currently operating in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.

BATTLE is an Acronym for Battle Action Tactics: The League of Empires. It is a full Contact, Medieval Fantasy Combat Sport played in Teams. Rules prevent Manipulation of the Joints or Targeting of the Neck. All Weapons and Armours are padded for the Safety of Participants.

(Participants must be over eighteen Years of Age.)

Play for as little as $15. We will provide Swords and Armour. 

We currently train at the Wesley Chapel District Park on Wednesdays at Noon. 

Try it for free!

The Pitch (or Field) is set to specific Dimensions and the ultimate Goal is to win by either eliminating the other Team’s Warriors or raising your Flag to the Top of their Flagpole. However, there are Rules which allow Warriors to re-enter the Battlefield with Officers and there are other Objectives which must be accomplished in Order to reach the Enemy’s Flagstaff. It is a Sport of Strategy and Tactics. The official Book of Rules is set but is not yet made available to the Public.

There is a Map of Ayreth, or the Enchanted Lands, which contains Outposts to be conquered in a Campaign.

A Portion of Ayreth
Players must first be certified as Warriors by a Master-at-Arms from Ayreth and may then either align themselves with an existing Nation or form a Nation of their own. A Minimum of five Warriors is required to form a Nation and will receive the Status of a Band. By conquering Outposts across the Map of Ayreth, Nations may grow and increase to the Status of an Empire. This is the primary Goal of each Nation as they fight to join the League of Empires.


For more Information, please visit our Facebook Page at
or e-mail us at Contact@TheEnchantedLands.com



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